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We sat beside one another and I surveyed the ornamental french press on the wooden table while he touched his tablet with delicate fingers, inputting numbers and texts and curiosities. That breezy night in the muggiest season of the year, my favorite cafe served me a curveball; I knew then that black rimmed glasses would never be the same.

Now, in the season of sizzling tea pots and indoor nuzzles, he is mine and I am his. This is the best present that any festive holiday can give me; the warmest, more wonderful heart to cozy up with mine.

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I rinsed out my mug, slung the straps of my briefcase over my shoulder, and walked out to the entrance of the office. Due to some odd reason on my behalf, my attempts at speaking to Rachel, the assistant account exec who awaited my arrival and departure every day, had usually been maladroit and uneasy. Since today was a particularly special day, I prepared myself for another cumbersome conversation.

"Well, I guess today is both of our last days. Good luck at your new job; you must be excited".

Rachel graciously beamed at me, giving an honest smile that showed hints of both nervousness and yet her eagerness. To my surprise, her smile felt more personal than the ones I received before; this one showed her vunerabilities. Rachel responded with a ‘yes’, that she was excited, and yet a bit afraid about moving up to a bigger firm and possibly failing.

It was then that I realized we’ve been dealing with the same internal struggle, the same what if’s and the same “is this the right thing?”. I’ve been afraid for some time about my own future career paths, what I’ll need to find to continually better myself, what i’ll need to do to prevent stagnation. But like Rachel, I realized, that while I may be in a vulnerable state, I’m also tremendously excited for the future.

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Never in my life have I waited over an hour for a hotdog: Pink’s.

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I uploaded this picture to Reddit in hopes that I will be able to become a top Redditor so that I could boast to Peaches; unfortunately I only got one message: “try xi or qi”.

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SPLAT! - Came the end of the fall quarter.   

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This bag clutched through the rain and wind on the flimsy branches of the tree outside of our balcony. Three days later, it is still clutching.

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 The aftermath of Black Friday shopping for us was a video game for Peaches and Ghiradelli Fudge Brownie Mix for me. Days later, making the batter sufficed; I didn’t bother to eat much of the results. In addition, for those who believe my blog is too anonymous, too faceless, perhaps this photo will suffice as insight.

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Time after time, men fall for the genial because they welcome the world with open arms, then later scorn them for being too open, too lively, too warm. It is inevitable that the genial be accused of wanting to be liked by all. 

Except the genial doesn’t really care if they are liked. In fact, the genial is actually just another misanthropic fuck, like the rest of society, who knows first-hand how devastatingly cold the world can be. They simply only want to assure everyone that it doesn’t have to be.  

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